Thursday, January 7, 2010

Error: A file or folder name contains an invalid character

When I was trying to deploy a ListDefinition using CTP release of VSeWSS 1.3 for Visual Studio 2008, I got the following error:

 A file or folder name contains an invalid character

This message means: One or more file contains invalid character, but all my soultion files are not contain any invalid character, so after I search I found the Name of ListDefinition contains an invalid character on ListDefinition.xml file, to solve this error just remove this character

    Special character are not allowed in the value of Name in the ListTemplete inside the XML File because when the user trying to deploy the solution. The system will generate a folder with this value, and you know the speacial characters are not allowed in folder or file name
Mohammad AlShafe'i


  1. That is good, so that was the "?" character that caused the problem.

    Bilal Okour

  2. Thanks Man! It could be also a tilde. If someone has this issue I recommend taking a look at the WSP View and checking for strange characters in the tree structure.